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Other Projects

       In addition to our past projects involving natural disasters, we have also been able to help others in their own personal times of need. We recognize that people are hurting and in need all around us. When we come across these other opportunities to help, we find out what the greatest need is. We utilize our time and resources to help as much as we can, in the most appropriate way possible. We may not be changing the world, but we believe we can change somebody's world. Very little can go a very long way. Some of these recent projects include:

June '22 - Single mom event where we provided a nice meal, grocery and gas gift cards, oil changes, family portraits, backpacks and shoes for their kids.

July '22 - Sending food and supplies to migrant farm workers in need.

Sept. '22 - Purchased food and clothing for 3 young girls rescued out of sex trafficking.

Sept. '22 - Paid for car repairs for a single mom with a terminally ill son.

Nov. '22 - Purchased a car for a single mom who's car was totaled by a hit and run driver.

Dec. '22 - Grocery gift cards for families in need around Christmas time.

Dec. '22 - Helped a young single mom by purchasing her a new bed, mattress, and dresser.

Jan. '23 - Helped clear a fallen tree that landed on and totaled a couples RV home. Also provided them with a hotel and food.

Jan. '23 - Paid for car repairs and food for a single mom in need.

Jan. '23 - Provided new beds (they had none and were sleeping on the floor) for three daughters of a single mom.

Feb. '23 - Provided food and clothes for a single mom in need.

March '23 - Provided gift cards for food and clothes to a mom in need.

April '23 - Provided resources to be able to purchase clothing and back to school items for kids who had lost a parent.

July '23 - Purchased hygiene supplies for migrant farm families.

July '23 - Purchased hygiene supplies for unhoused high school students.

Aug. '23 - Provided resources for a family that had recently taken in two abandoned children.

          Thank you to all the people and organizations who have donated time, energy, and resources. Your generosity has allowed us to help all of these people in need. We could not do it alone and we strongly believe that just a little bit of help can change lives!

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